YouTube discouraged employees from reporting fake news, toxic videos: Report 

YouTube, over the past couple of years, has taken active steps to tackle some of the biggest issues plaguing its platform. Of lately, the Alphabet Inc owned company has addressed issues around fake news, toxic and extremist content by introducing information box and by pulling ads from potentially harmful content. However, that wasn’t the case always as the company dissuaded its employees from reporting video containing disturbing content, extremist videos and conspiracy theories.

According to a startling new report by Bloomberg, for years YouTube ignored countless requests by its employees to stop the spread of potentially dangerous content on its platform in a bid to boost engagement and reach its target of 1 billion hours of viewing every day.

“I can say with a lot of confidence that they were deeply wrong,” a privacy engineer at Google told the publication.… Each time, the suggestions and efforts of these YouTube employees were shot down by the management and the companies top executives with the same response – “Don’t rock the boat.”…


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