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“You Be Careful,” Ram Madhav Tells BBC Journalist After Being Grilled On Subramanian Swamy’s Comments On Muslims

Talking to Stephen Sackur on BBC HARDtalk, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav faced a flurry of questions that he seemed uncomfortable answering to. He faced intense grilling by the BBC journalist who questioned him on various issues including Subramanian Swamy’s ‘Muslims not equal’ comments, Kapil Mishra’s communal tweets, and Home Minister Amit Shah’s ‘termites’ jibe aimed at Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh. Madhav, however, tried to provide justification to these statements by his party leaders.

The journalist told Madhav that he was living in a parallel universe of his own after Madhav rejected the allegations that the BJP government led by Narendra Modi has used the coronavirus pandemic lockdown to go after the Muslim community.

Countering the refusal by Madhav on Muslim discrimination, Sackur said, “Are you not aware that just last month the BJP MP, Subramanian Swamy, said, ‘Muslims if they become anything like 30% of our population, they will be a danger to the country.’ Muslims, he said, are not in an equal category. This is the language of pure discrimination and coming from senior figures in your party.

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