Why Supreme Court should maintain the status quo on Ayodhya land – By A L I Chougule

The Ram Mandir-Babari Masjid land dispute is back in focus once again. With the BJP facing a strong challenge from the Opposition in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls and most opinion surveys predicting a hung parliament, the saffron party knows that it will have to do much more than mere optics. Construction of the Ram temple has been a part of the BJP’s manifesto for long.

Having failed to deliver on its core promise so far, and being seen not doing enough to resolve the Ayodhya dispute after raising the tempo for temple in recent months, could possibly dent the party’s fortunes in the fast approaching general elections. Therefore, the timing of the government’s decision to petition the Supreme Court (SC) to release ‘excess’ or ‘superfluous’ land acquired under the Acquisition of Certain Areas of Ayodhya Act, 1993, near the disputed site needs to be seen through the prism of electoral compulsions.…

The delay in hearing the case has led to discontent in the RSS and its saffron affiliates. The BJP government has been facing the heat from its right-wing supporters ever since the SC refused an early hearing in the Ayodhya title dispute case last year….