Where Are The Jobs? There Is A Real And Growing Unemployment Crisis In India – By Lola Nayar, Sandeep Sahu, Others

…An individual is not representative of job-seekers in a country where there are millions. But held against recently leaked data on the number of unemployed, Archana beco¬mes a stark reminder of a growing crisis – India’s unemployment rate in the year ending June 2018 supposedly rose to 6.1 per cent, the highest in 45 years (see graphic). What it means is that the available jobs can provide employment to hardly 10-15 per cent of the millions of young Indians ready to enter the labour force each year.

The data, which the government says is unauth¬enticated, becomes even more pronounced when viewed in the political context in an election year; in 2014, India’s aspirational youth voted overwhelmingly in favour of Narendra Modi who had promised to address the UPA era of “jobless growth” and create 20 million jobs every year.

Nearly five years later and close to the next general elections, Modi himself is fending off criticism from political adversaries over the unemployment data his government allegedly tried to bury. The leak of the unemployment data followed the resignation of the top official and another member of the National Statistical Commission – an advisory group that checks auth¬enticity of official data – to protest the government’s failure to release the report in December, as scheduled.…