Weekly News Roundup – September 29, 2019


India Prime Minister Modi faces Houston federal lawsuit for alleged human rights abuses in Kashmir  

Photo: The Print

A pair of Kashmiri citizens sued the prime minister of India in federal court Thursday ahead of his much-anticipated arrival in Houston.…  The group behind the lawsuit says the annexation violated international law.… The 73-page lawsuit alleges Modi; his minister of home affairs, Amit Shah; and commander of the Indian army, Lt. General Kanwal Jeet Singh Dhillon, carried out extrajudicial killings, committed wrongful death, battery, emotional distress, crimes against humanity and inflicted “cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment” upon Kashmiris during the military exercise.…

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Murder Charge Reinstated in Tabrez Ansari Case  

Photo: NDTV

Jharkhand Police on Wednesday, 18 September, reinstated the charge of murder, Section 302 of the IPC, in lynch mob victim Tabrez Ansari’s case following The Quint’s exclusive report of it being dropped in the charge sheet, submitted on 29 July. They moved court for this addition in a supplementary charge sheet filed on 18 September. Reacting to the murder charge being reinstated, Ansari’s wife Shahista told The Quint: “I am very happy that this has happened. Some faith in the administration and investigative agencies has been restored. This is great news for us. They (the accused) deserve the strictest punishment.”.…

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Ranchi : College topper Nishat Fatima denied degree over wearing burqa at graduation ceremony  

Photo: Muslimmirror

… Now a case of Ranchi’s Marwari college in Jharkhand has come up in which a student was not given a degree as she was wearing a burqa. As per reports, the over-all best graduate Nishat Fatima, who came to the College to take her degree in graduation ceremony could not get it in the ceremony on Sunday. Nishat Fatima came wearing a burqa to attend the program. Her name was called for the gold medal at the ceremony as she had to take the medal first. However, at the same time, it was announced that she was not in the dress code fixed by the college, due to which she could not be given a degree in the ceremony.…

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