Weekly News Roundup – September 2, 2019


Uncertain destiny for millions post NRC in Assam: Amnesty International expresses deep concern

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Human rights body Amnesty International expressed deep concern on Saturday after the final list of the National Register of Citizens was published in Assam on Saturday. It said the destiny of over 19 lakh people is uncertain after the publication of the final list.… “Amnesty International India expresses its deep concerns about the functioning of the 100 and more Foreigners Tribunals, which will decide whether those excluded from the NRC list are Indian citizens or not. Amnesty International India strongly urges the Assam Government to ensure that the Foreigners Tribunals function with utmost transparency and are in line with the fair trial standards guaranteed under national and international law,” the human rights body said.…

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Gujarat: Housing Society Asks Members Not to Sell Property to Dalits, Muslims

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A residential colony in Narmada district of Gujarat “suggested” its members not sell properties to Dalits and Muslims, according to an Indian Express report. The “suggestion” was among the many made in a pamphlet of a residential colony in Vadia village of Nandod taluka and the society later claimed that these points were part of a “list of agendas” that were to be discussed at a meeting. The pamphlet said that members must “refrain from selling properties to the Muslim and Vankar (Dalit) communities”, apart from discussing cultural events for upcoming festivals as well as charges to be levied on the sale of properties. .…

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Mob lynching accused felicitated yet again; emboldening violence

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On August 25, the court granted bail to seven persons accused of killing police officer Subodh Kumar Singh and another youth Sumit Kumar on December 3, 2018, in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. The seven accused were part of the right-winged group leading the mob to the police outpost where they attacked the police officer and set afire to the police picket. Members of Bajrang dal, VHP and other affiliate groups had brought some cow carcasses which they said were found in a filed in a village alleging that the Muslims, who were having an ijtema (congregation) 40 kms away had slaughtered for food. And in their frenzy, they attacked the Inspector who was trying to control the mob, prevent violence and maintain order.…

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