Weekly News Roundup – November 6, 2019


US Govt Condemns Citizenship Bill and NRC: ‘Bald Attempt to Split Society’

Photo: The Hindu

The United States House of Representatives held a public hearing on October 22 on human rights in south Asia, whose first part saw congresspersons question their government on its position and policies in the region.… In response to tough questioning about the discriminatory character of the National Register of Citizens, which the Supreme Court has allowed to proceed apace without having decided on its constitutionality, and the Citizenship Amendment Bill pending in Parliament, Destro affirmed that the US government condemns “the concept of denying someone’s legal rights and obligations based on their religion”.…

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WhatsApp confirms: Israeli spyware was used to snoop on Indian journalists, activists

Photo: Whatsapp

Facebook-owned platform WhatsApp, in a startling revelation, has said journalists and human rights activists in India have been targets of surveillance by operators using Israeli spyware Pegasus. The disclosure follows a lawsuit filed Tuesday in a US federal court in San Francisco in which WhatsApp alleged that the Israeli NSO Group targeted some 1,400 WhatsApp users with Pegasus. While WhatsApp declined to reveal the identities and “exact number” of those targeted for surveillance in India, its spokesperson told The Indian Express that WhatsApp was aware of those targeted and had contacted each one of them.…

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Ahead of Ayodhya verdict, All India Muslim Personal Law Board asks Muslims to repose faith in Constitution

Photo: India Times

Ahead of the Ayodhya case verdict, senior member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali on Friday said imams should advice Muslims to repose faith in the Constitution and judiciary and maintain communal harmony. Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi is expected to deliver verdict in the Ayodhya case before his retirement on 17 November. In a statement Maulana Khalid said, “As media reports suggest the Supreme Court’s judgment on Ayodhya is going to come soon. You are aware of the fact that the Ayodhya case is the biggest and most sensitive case of independent India. The entire country and global community is looking towards the judgment.…

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