Weekly News Roundup – November 12, 2019


Court Backs Hindus on Ayodhya, Handing Modi Victory in His Bid to Remake India

India’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hindus on Saturday in a decades-old dispute over a holy site contested by Muslims, handing the prime minister and his followers a major victory in their quest to remake the country as Hindu and shift it further from its secular foundation. The ruling greenlighted construction of a Hindu temple on a site where a mosque had stood before Hindu devotees destroyed it in 1992 with sledgehammers and their bare hands. The demolition of the Babri Mosque in the city of Ayodhya set the tone for sectarian tensions that haunt India today.…

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Cleared in terror case after 11 years, they brace for new fight

Acquitted after spending 11 years behind bars for the 2008 attack on a CRPF camp in Rampur, Mohammad Kausar and Gulab Khan say they are not sure if the court order would prove enough to rid them of “terrorist” tag. Before they were arrested, Kausar (48) ran an electronics shop near his house in Kunda area of Pratapgarh while Khan (41) owned a welding shop at Baheri locality in Bareilly. With their families having sold their shops as well as spent their savings fighting their case, the two said it wouldn’t be easy for them to pick up the pieces.…

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One morning, returning from visiting his sister, an 80-year-old Muslim man was lynched in Sitamarhi

There is no other part of the world that Zainul Ansari had known and loved in the eight decades of his life. This noisy, crowded, impoverished, vibrant piece of Bihar had been his only home, Sitamarhi. I guess that there would be no other place he would have wanted to breathe his last breath. But not this way: his body burned beyond recognition by a lynch mob of strangers, including children and a woman. He would not have wanted his remains to be buried furtively with only his sons and a few policemen as witness, alongside the bodies of strangers in another city, Muzaffarpur.…

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