Weekly News Roundup – May 27, 2019


Cow Vigilantes Thrash 2 Muslim Men, Woman For Allegedly Carrying Beef in Madhya Pradesh

Photo credit: Outlook India

Cow vigilantes mercilessly thrashed three persons, including a woman, and forced them to shout “Jai Shree Ram”, on suspicion they were carrying beef in Madhya Pradesh’s Seoni on Friday. The two men were forced to stand against a tree and beaten with thick wooden sticks. One of the men was then forced to hit his wife repeatedly with a slipper and shout “Jai Shree Ram”, as video footage of the incident that has gone viral shows. Police said they have arrested five men for thrashing the victims. The police named Ram Sena leader Shubham Baghel as one of the accused.…

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Under Modi, the Hindu-Muslim divide worsens in India

Photo credit: Reuters

Muslims in Nayabans, an unremarkable village in northern India, say they remember a time when their children played with Hindu youths and people from either faith chatted when they frequented each other’s shops and went to festivals together. Such interactions no longer happen, many say, because of how polarized the two communities have become in the past two years and some are frightened and thinking of moving away – if they can afford it.… “Modi and Yogi have messed it up,” said Ali. “Dividing Hindus and Muslims is their main agenda, only agenda. It was never like this earlier. We want to leave this place but can’t really do that.”…

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US Must Stand For Religious Freedom in India: Congresswoman After Modi’s Re-election

Photo credit: AFP/Getty

Amid congratulatory messages and calls post his re-election as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has found an unexpected critic in US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Claiming that his regime has corresponded with hate crimes against Muslims, Omar took to Twitter asking the United States to stand for religious freedom in India. “PM Modi’s rule in India has corresponded with the spread of violent Hindu nationalism and hate crimes against Muslims. The United States should stand for religious freedom in India and the fair treatment of all religious minorities,” she said…

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