Weekly News Roundup – May 1, 2020

Religious Freedom Watchdog Pitches Adding India to Blacklist

Photo: Nile International

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom is urging that the State Department add India to its list of nations with uniquely poor records on protecting freedom to worship. The bipartisan commission… proposed designating India as a “country of particular concern” in the annual report it released Tuesday. That lower ranking for a long-running U.S. ally amounts to a stark show of disapproval of India’s divisive new citizenship law, which has sparked broad worries about disenfranchisement of Muslims.…

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Is the Modi government exploiting the pandemic to silence critics in India?

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Under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, India’s far-right government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has slyly launched a crackdown on dissidents. Several civil society activists, journalists and community organisers have been targeted with notorious anti-terror laws at a time when the country is grappling with the pandemic.… With the arrest of Zargar, who’s in the crucial second trimester of her first pregnancy, and the launch of criminal investigations against several other activists, questions have arisen about whether the Modi government is using the cover of Covid-19 pandemic to “execute an alarmingly authoritarian shakeup of [Indian] democracy”.…

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India is using the pandemic to intensify its crackdown in Kashmir – By Tariq Mir

Photo: Time

As the world remains consumed with containing the coronavirus pandemic and the severe economic fallout, India has spotted an opportunity for another round of repression against the population of Kashmir, which had already been reeling from the harsh aftereffects of last year’s six-month-long military lockdown. By initiating gunfights with guerrilla fighters, jailing people for going to buy food and medicine, bringing charges against journalists, and beating doctors, paramedics and municipal workers, India is tightening its grip on Kashmir, seizing on pandemic measures to prevent a surge of resistance to its rule.…

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Communal Harmony

India: Muslim woman breaks her fast to donate blood to Hindu patient

West Bengal: Hindu Couple, Stranded In Lockdown, Finds Shelter In Muslim Home

Muslim neighbours arrange last rites of Hindu woman in Ahmedabad


Religious Freedom Watchdog Pitches Adding India to Blacklist

Is the Modi government exploiting the pandemic to silence critics in India?

‘Don’t Be Seen Here Again’: Another BJP MLA Harasses Muslim Vendor

Gulf News editor in Dubai receives threats from BJP’s IT cell for exposing Islamophobes

96% migrant workers did not get rations from the government, 90% did not receive wages during lockdown: survey

‘How can court stop this’: SC refuses to entertain PIL against ‘communal’ hashtags trending on Twitter

Banks technically write off over Rs 68,000 cr loans, Choksi among 50 top wilful defaulters: RTI

TISS Professors Falsely Targeted For ‘Supporting Palghar Accused’

Christians in India Face More Than COVID-19

‘Atrocities against dalits continue under lockdown too’


Delhi Riot Conspiracy Theory: Aim Is To Make Every Muslim Guilty By Manisha Sethi

Corporate media a serious threat to Indian democracy By Bhim Bhurtel

Palghar: Hate as ‘Essential Commodity’, Arnab its Supplier – By Valay Singh

Method in Modi’s ‘directionless’ economic governance: Manipulating public mind – By Bhabani Shankar Nayak

Is Aarogya Setu A Surveillance App? Experts Give Some Answers, Flag Some Concerns – By Govindraj Ethiraj

India is using the pandemic to intensify its crackdown in Kashmir – By Tariq Mir

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