Weekly News Roundup – March 25, 2019


Gurgaon Family Attacked By Mob With Rods, Sticks; Asked To “Go To Pak”

Photo Credit: The Cognate

A family in Gurgaon was beaten up by a mob with hockey sticks and iron rods at their home on Thursday, in an attack triggered by a game of cricket on Holi.… The family alleged that the mob verbally abused them and asked them to “go to Pakistan”. A video of the incident shows a group of men attacking the family’s male members with sticks, as women scream and plead them to stop. Women and children too were allegedly attacked. Among the 14 to 15 members of the joint family who were injured were five children, the youngest a two-year-old.

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Swami Aseemanand, 3 others acquitted in 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing case

Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

A Panchkula special court on Wednesday acquitted four people including Swami Aseemanand for the deadly firebombing of the Samjhauta Express in 2007. .… Investigators had concluded that terrorists had used improved explosive devices and inflammable substances for the blasts and the fire in two coaches of the train near Panipat in Haryana. Two unexploded suitcase bombs were found in other compartments of the train.… The NIA, which had taken over the probe in 2011 along with six other cases where Hindu extremists were alleged to be involved, had accused eight people of involvement in the Samjhauta blasts. Investigators had then said a former RSS pracharak Sunil Joshi, who was accused to have plotted the attack, was shot dead by his associates in December 2007.

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In 2019 General Elections, 21 Million Women Will Not Be Able To Vote

Photo Credit: allindiatimes.com

The 2019 Lok Sabha election is set to create a new record. For the first time in India’s history, voter turnout among women is expected to be higher than that of men. A closer look at their numbers, however, provides a disquieting insight. However, the number of women on the electoral rolls is 430 million. The gap: 21 million. That equals to every single woman in a state with as many people as in Haryana or Kerala not being allowed to vote..… On average, this amounts to 8 per cent of the total vote – a sizeable margin in most electoral races in India.

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