Weekly News Roundup – March 2, 2020

Death toll rises to 40 in Delhi violence as Modi issues plea for calm

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… The riots are the worst such clashes to hit Delhi in decades and came as President Trump made his first official visit to India.… Witnesses said that instead of stopping the violence, police joined crowds shouting Hindu nationalist slogans and fired indiscriminately.… This week’s violence marked the second time in Modi’s political career that he has presided over a significant episode of communal violence. In 2002, when he was chief minister of the state of Gujarat, more than 1,000 people were killed, mostly Muslims, in three days of riots.… Read more

Gujarat: 13 injured in communal clash at Khambhat, houses, shops set on fire

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At least 13 people were injured as a clash broke out between two communities in Khambhat taluka of Gujarat’s Anand district Sunday, where communally charged mobs set afire houses, shops, and vehicles. This is the second clash between the two communities within a month. According to the police, the members of the two communities came face to face again on Sunday afternoon over their past clash on January 24 which had left one person dead. However, the exact reason is still under investigation.…

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Indian Minister: We Made a Mistake Not Committing Genocide Against Muslims

Photo: Hindustan Times

A government minister has sparked controversy after expressing his regret that India did not sufficiently ethnically cleanse itself of Muslims during the countries’ creation in 1947. At a public event in his native Bihar state, Giriraj Singh, Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, rallied his supporters, claiming, “It is time to commit ourselves” to building the Indian nation properly.“It was a big lapse by our ancestors that we’re paying the price for now. If at that time Muslim brothers had been sent there and Hindus brought here, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” he said.…

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Communal Harmony

9 Instances Of Unity From Riot-Hit Delhi That Are Giving Us Hope In These Dark Times

Muslim couple gets Hindu foster daughter married in temple. This is my India, says Internet

India’s Cheraman Mosque: 1000-year-old lamp continues to shine


Death toll rises to 30 in Delhi violence as Modi issues plea for calm

 Justice Muralidhar, who slammed Delhi Police and Modi government’s lawyer for carnage in national capital, transferred to Punjab and Haryana High Court

Cop to pro-CAA group: ‘Go ahead and throw stones’

 USCIRF Condemns Violence in India’s Capital City

Gujarat: 13 injured in communal clash at Khambhat, houses, shops set on fire

 Indian Minister: We Made a Mistake Not Committing Genocide Against Muslims

Citizenship Amendment Act may leave Muslims stateless, says U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres ‘Narcissist’, ‘A Hint of Megalomania’: What Observers Have Said About Narendra Modi

4 Clips Show Police Vandalising CCTV, Property at Jamia

 ‘Expunge remarks’: AMU teachers protest CM Adityanath’s remarks, write to President


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