Weekly News Roundup – March 18, 2019


Bihar Custodial Death Case: Nails ‘Hammered’ Into Two Men; Probe Ordered

Photo Credit: The Hindu

Days after two Muslim men were allegedly tortured to death in police custody in Bihar, photos and videos of their bodies being circulated by their families show marks of nails being hammered into them. “We have filmed videos and have still photographs of the injury marks caused by iron nails being hammered in. The nails were hammered into their thighs, soles and wrists. The legs of both victims were severely injured. We are waiting for the postmortem report for specific details,” a college student who is helping the two men’s families told the Indian Express.

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Activists, Academicians Warn Opposition Parties that BJP’s Return to Power Will be Disastrous

Photo Credit: UK Indymedia

Social activists and academicians issued a strong joint statement warning the opposition parties of the dangers of the return of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power in the present Lok Sabha elections. The press statement issued on Tuesday severely charged the Narendra Modi government of “taking India towards a totalitarian and violent mass culture” and urged all opposition parties to “realize and confront the gravity of the threat to democracy”.

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Why Indians in the UK are mobilising against the Modi government – By Adrija Dey, Chandni Chawla and Siddharth Chakravarty

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

After becoming the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, Narendra Modi visited the United Kingdom in 2015, and what a welcome he received! Almost 60,000 British Indians from 450 community groups attended his rockstar reception at the Wembley stadium.… The concert was not an official event organised by the British Government; it was privately organised by a non-profit company called Europe India Forum, formed for Modi’s visit to the UK by multimillionaire British-Indian industrialist Nat Puri.… … Till about end of 2018, Modi visited over 55 countries in 48 foreign trips since taking over as prime minister in May 2014. The government incurred a total cost of about Rs 2,021 crore for these trips.… the reality has been that in the name of employment generation and development, his fascist government has made every effort to reinforce Hindutva ultra-nationalist ideologies and the vision of a regressive, purist Hindu nation.…

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IAMC condemns the heinous terrorist attack on worshippers in two Mosques in New Zealand

Communal Harmony

How four youngsters are setting a shining example of Hindu-Muslim harmony

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The Anatomy of Hate – By Revati Laul

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