Weekly News Roundup – Jun 3, 2019


Man Shot at in Bihar’s Begusarai For ‘Muslim Name’ as Attacker Shouts ‘Go to Pakistan’; Owaisi Says Community Now Target Practice

Photo Credit: News18

A Muslim man was shot at in Begusarai district of Bihar allegedly after he was asked his name. A video clip of the injured youth speaking about the incident has gone viral on social media. Mohammed Qasim, who is a detergent salesman in Kumbhi village, identified his attacker as one Rajiv Yadav…. “I was stopped by Rajiv Yadav and he asked me my name. When I told him my name, he said you should go to Pakistan and then shot me,” he can be heard saying in the video.… Qasim said that Yadav, after shooting him in the back, was reloading the gun to shoot him again, which is when he pushed him away and escaped. When asked whether anyone came forward to offer help, Qasim denied and said Yadav was waving the gun in the air and everyone present was scared.…

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Kargil war veteran declared a foreigner

Photo Credit: The Hindu

The family of a retired soldier, who fought in the Kargil war two decades ago, approached the Gauhati High Court on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he was sent to a detention centre for foreigners or illegal migrants. Mohammed Sanaullah, who retired as an honorary Lieutenant in the Army, was arrested soon after he was summoned by the Assam Police Border Organisation, or the Border Police, in Guwahati on Tuesday. The arrest followed the order of a Foreigners’ Tribunal that adjudged him a non-citizen. Lt. Sanaullah, 52, was serving as an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) in the Border Police that is tasked with identifying, detaining and deporting doubtful citizens and illegal migrants. This unit of the State police often employs retired defence and paramilitary personnel.…

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‘Even while fasting during Ramzan, they have to eat meat’: BJP leader incites violence in name of ‘gau raksha’

Photo Credit: Uttarpradesh.org

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have espoused NDA leaders to win sabka vishwas but it appears that former BJP mayor from Aligarh, Shakuntala Bharati, did not get the memo. On Tuesday, the BJP leader threatened to take law into her own hands after a few self-appointed ‘cow vigilantes’ stopped a vehicle allegedly carrying ‘beef’ to Aligarh. In a video, the former BJP mayor can be heard warning the Uttar Pradesh police officers that people would “do what they want” if the instances of cow slaughter are not immediately curbed. She even urged her cadres to thrash those who are purportedly involved in cow slaughter. In a series of highly objectionable comments, Bharati mocked the Rozedars (who keep a fast during Ramzan), criticising them for consuming meat even as they keep fasts during the holy month.…

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