Weekly News Roundup – July 15, 2019

Indian Americans Protest Surge in Attacks on Minorities

The Indian American Muslim Council and other coalition partner organizations held protests across various US cities to express outrage over the recent surge in attacks against minorities.
In last few weeks, IAMC chapters organized protest demonstrations in New York, San Jose, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago and Boston to condemn the tactical support given the leaders of ruling party that is emboldening such forces.


Forced to chant Jai Shri Ram, beaten up, claim Unnao madrasa students

Photo Credit: Indian Express

Four madrasa students in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district have alleged that they were forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’, and were assaulted when they refused to do so. According to the complaint filed by the principal of the Darul Uloom Faiz-e-Aam madrasa, Nisar Ahmed Miswahi, four men thrashed the four students on Thursday after they refused to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’, and were also given life threats. Miswahi told The Indian Express, “… Around six-seven children had gone to play. Some of them ran away when some youths arrived there. These youths not only assaulted the boys, but also used objectionable language…”

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India’s hunt for “illegal immigrants” is aimed at Muslims

Photo Credit: Outlook

Amit shah, India’s home minister, calls them “termites” and “infiltrators”. The government will hunt them down and throw them into the sea, he thunders. Unfortunately, it is not just the standard bluster from a nativist politician railing against illegal immigration. Last year bureaucrats in the Indian state of Assam, which has a population of about 33m people, produced a list of more than 4m of its residents whom they consider foreigners, without any right to live there. A further 100,000 people were deemed non-citizens in June….The supposed illegal immigrants are overwhelmingly Muslim.…

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On day 3 BJP MPs visit temple, VHP leader says: Can turn Hauz Qazi, Ballimaran into Ayodhya

Photo Credit: Indian Express

On a day that three BJP MPs visited the area, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Surendra Jain Tuesday issued a warning to residents of Old Delhi’s Hauz Qazi, where a communal flare-up had ended in the vandalism of a temple last week: “Hum Hauz Qazi ko, Ballimaram ko Ayodhya bana sakte hain… Ab Hindu pitega nahi, ye unko samajh lena chahiye (We can turn Hauz Qazi, Ballimaran into Ayodhya… Hindus will not be beaten any longer, they should understand this).” Jain, the International Joint General Secretary of the VHP, was speaking at a Shobha Yatra in Hauz Qazi.…

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