Weekly News Roundup – January 14, 2020


CAA protests: In one of worst-hit UP towns, 6 deaths, ‘no bullets found’

Photo: Deccan Herald

This town of bangle and glass factories was among the worst affected in the recent protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Uttar Pradesh, which were met with a police crackdown. Of the 19 deaths in alleged police action in the state, six happened in Firozabad, apart from injuries to 75, including 18 policemen, on December 20. The hospital version in most cases is that while the men carried bullet injuries, they had not found a bullet.… The Firozabad police has maintained that they didn’t fire a single bullet.…, “In two bodies we found there was entry and exit of bullets but no bullet was found inside. The third case was of a head injury and no bullet marks were found.”…

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The growing radicalisation of Hindus threatens the Indian republic and the Constitution

Photo: AFP

…Majoritarian visions, now openly expressed, empowered and normalised as reality, are the armoury from which India’s ruling party fashions its arsenal of Hindu supremacist behavior, from the assaults on India’s universities to using a raft of laws, new and old, against Muslims.… The rest of India has not entirely been levelled by the rising storm of Hindu radicalisation. Indeed, it has sparked a rediscovery and reclamation of the flag, the Constitution and poetry of resistance from the younger, violent days of the republic’s birth.… That is why a war for the soul of India rages on the streets, in universities, homes, families and WhatsApp groups.…

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The Tragic Demise of a ‘Declared Foreigner’ at Goalpara Detention Centre

Photo: The Wire

Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there were no detention centres in the country, Naresh Koch, a detainee in the Goalpara detention centre in Assam, breathed his last at the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital. Naresh passed away on January 5. He became the 29th person to have died while being at a detention centre in the state since 2014. The state has six detention centres housed inside district jails, while a central-government funded exclusive centre is being constructed in Goalpara’s Matia area.…

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