Weekly News Roundup – February 25, 2019

Human Rights Watch: Cow Mobs Enjoy Political and Administrative Patronage

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Almost all cow vigilante groups in India that has been instrumental in lynching people on pretext of cow protection are somehow connected to the Hindutva organisations in India. Lynchers enjoy political and administrative patronage. In almost all of the cases, the police initially stalled investigations, ignored procedures, or even played a complicit role in the killings and cover-up of crimes. Instead of promptly investigating and arresting suspects, the police filed complaints against victims, their families, and witnesses under laws that ban cow slaughter. These are some of the key finding of Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group based in the United States.

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Bihar DM Inayat Khan adopts children of 2 slain CRPF jawans

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India is slowly beginning to cope with the loss of 44 jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in the terrorist attack in Pulwama. But while on the one hand there are instances of violence against Kashmiris being reported from different parts of the country, one woman from Bihar is setting an example for everyone in how stay committed to doing good in the face of adversity and darkness. Inayat Khan, a Bihar cadre IAS officer, who serves as the District Magistrate of Sheikhpura, has decided to adopt two little girls whose fathers were martyred in the Pulwama terrorist attack. Khan has agreed to bear education and other expenses of one daughter each of Constable Sanjay Kumar Sinha from Patna and Ratan Kumar Thakur from Bhagalpur. Khan has also opened a bank account to collect donations for the martyr’s families.

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From Citizen to Subject: Indians have much to introspect – By Mehk Chakraborty

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Kashmir. The tragic, “cowardly” attack is nothing but a mirror reflecting on the Indian state’s policy, the Indian identity and the Indian conscience: bloodthirsty, no regard for the common life, neither soldier not terrorist, no. The pathological hatred we’ve harboured for our own ancestors; the vile venom spread in the name of love of the nation; the call for war without even an iota of courage to face the consequences; the blatant turning of a blind eye to the oppression of the entire military-state complex. There is so much talk about after the recent attack on the CRPF convoy in Kashmir that led to the killing of over 40 paramilitary men. Not much talk on the thousands of Kashmiri civilians who have been tortured, disappeared, killed in custody, raped and been turned into a unit of manufacturing votes. The countless violent attacks that have followed on Kashmiris throughout India has but showcased the dark insides of a nationhood thriving on denial of freedom.… The price of the Indian state subject has become cheap.

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Communal Harmony

Bihar DM Inayat Khan adopts children of 2 slain CRPF jawans

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