Weekly News Roundup – December 26, 2019


UP: 14 of 16 killed in CAA protests fell to bullet injuries

Photo: BBC

Fourteen of the 16 persons who were killed during protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act over the last four days in UP succumbed to “firearm injuries”,…. . Those who died from bullet injuries are: Mohammed Wakeel (32) in Lucknow; Aftab Alam (22) and Mohammad Saif (25) in Kanpur; Anas (21) and Suleman (35) in Bijnor; Bilal (24) and Mohammad Shehroz (23) in Sambhal; Jaheer (33), Mohsin (28), Asif (20) and Areef (20) in Meerut; Nabi Jahan (24) in Firozabad; and, Faiz Khan (24) in Rampur.… “He was shot in the abdomen, there are over a dozen eyewitnesses and the police know who can shoot from the front.…

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Repeal CAA, order probe into police brutality: Human Rights Watch to Centre

Photo: Hindustan Times

The Human Rights Watch has urged the Centre to immediately repeal the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in view of nationwide protests against it, and said there should be an independent probe into police “brutality and excesses” against students and other protesters across the country… the international human rights body’s South Asia Director Meenakshi Ganguly said the “government failed to grasp the extent of public opposition over the erosion of basic rights evident in these protests”. Its “strongest response to the protests would be to repeal” the Act and “withdraw its plan for citizenship verification that threatens marginalized communities”, the organisation said.… the authorities should immediately order all police personnel to abide by international standards on policing assemblies.…

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Indian-Americans protest against CAA, NRC in front of Gandhi statue in Washington

Photo: The Hindu

A large number of Indian-Americans gathered around the statue of Mahatma Gandhi installed in front of the Indian Embassy here and held a peaceful demonstration against the amended Citizenship Act and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC).… Organised by American-Indian Muslims in association with over a dozen of similar bodies, peaceful protesters… shouted slogans in favour of India’s unity and displayed posters and banners alleging that the country was headed in a direction that was not secular in nature and violated the ethos of the Constitution. The protesters also passed a resolution requesting the Indian government to withdraw both the NRC and the CAA.…

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