We blame Modi for the killing of the CRPF jawans in Pulwama: CRPF jawan Subramanian’s mother

V Ganapathy silently prays at his son’s grave, as the sun sets over Savalaperi village. The sight of the old man in front of the framed picture of CRPF jawan G Subramanian, the fenced-in grave and induces a sense of tragedy.…

Ganapathy and his family silently fumed in contradiction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategies and government, as he appealed the Pulwama martyrs to strike a chord with the youth, neglectful of the Election Commission’s warnings.

There’s simmering anger against Modi. “We blame him, his government for the killing of the CRPF jawans and rising costs,” says Subramanian’s mother Marudathaal. “He was interested in farming. I wish he had pursued that. He would have still been alive,” said Krishnveni.…



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