Watch: Ravish Kumar has been given death threats. Here is his conversation with Kunal Kamra

‘Mass media has always been used to distract people. But its scale has gone up.’


Television journalist Ravish Kumar has consistently been the target of attacks from those who do not care for his anti-establishment stance. Now, as the video report below shows, these have escalated to direct threats to kill him, made by an emboldened group of people whose members are not even afraid of revealing their identities.

In this context, his recent conversation with comic artist Kunal Kamra, part of the series Shut Up Ya Kunal (video above) offers a trenchant analysis of how the new TV news media frames what is happening around us.

“You’re choosing to be made fools of,” Kumar tells Kamra, referring to people’s acceptance of the way these channels operate. “When they’re talking of tanks one day and submarines another, they’re not talking of tanks or submarines, they’re fooling you.”