Was A TMC Worker Caught Pelting Stones In Kolkata Wearing A Saffron T-Shirt?

A video of a Muslim man who was caught pelting stones wearing an orange T-shirt in the recent Jamshedpur election clashes, is viral on Twitter with a misleading context. The video, which documents two policemen and a security personnel interrogating the man, has been projected as ‘TMC goons’, involved in the violence that ensued following BJP President Amit Shah’s road show in Kolkata on May 14.

A Twitter user Ravi Singh, whose bylines can be found on rabble rousing website Dainik Bharat, shared the 12-second long video.… The tweet also sought to bring attention to the accusation by the BJP that goons affiliated to the Trinamool Congress party had indulged in violence and mayhem during the recent rally by Amit Shah.

Both TMC and BJP have accused each other of starting the violence. Singh, in a later tweet, defended his original tweet saying he had never said the video was from Kolkata.…