Voters rate govt ‘below average’ on governance, says ADR report, holds to account all of India’s political class – By Partha P Chakrabartty

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), an NGO formed by professors of the Indian Institutes of Management in 1999, is arguably the most important political organisation working for citizens today. With the rise of ‘political marketing’ – and the incredible advances in its sophistication as seen over social media and in the work of immoral consulting firms like Cambridge Analytica – an organisation like ADR, which puts aside party affiliations and gives us core facts, has only become more significant.

Just look at the work they do: They run ‘Election Watch’, which provides background reports on candidates, as well as, winners of elections both for the Lok Sabha and for state Assemblies. These background reports include criminal, financial, educational and income tax details. They also run a ‘Political Parties Watch’, which analyses all donations above Rs. 20,000 received by parties.

In a polity where every effort is made to dodge citizen oversight, curtail criticism and limit transparency, ADR is fighting the good fight. If not our wholehearted support, ADR at the very least deserves our attention.…