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UP: Seeing his disabled friend struggle with tricycle, man pushes it for 5 days, 350km

Gayoor Ahmad, 40, had met Anirudh Jhare, 28, at a quarantine shelter in Jodhpur recently. Both showed no symptoms of Covid-19, but had to undergo the mandatory isolation as they had entered the district from different states. … Something clicked and they became friends. 

When they got a chance to move out, on May 8, a bus dropped them 40km away from Bharatpur, near the UP border. After bidding adieu, Gayoor started hand-pedalling his tricycle towards Muzaffarnagar. Anirudh, too, had a long distance to cover.… Barely had they walked a while when Gayoor’s struggle with his tricycle became apparent to Anirudh. It took a few moments for Anirudh to take a call which perhaps few would.

He decided to change direction, head to Muzaffarnagar instead of Nagpur and accompany Gayoor until his friend reached home safely. Anirudh pushed Gayoor’s tricycle for the next five days as they criss-crossed several districts until they finally reached Muzaffarnagar on May 12.… “First, we are human beings. We are Hindus and Muslims after that. I am happy I could help Gayoor. I am living with his family now. I will be here for a while. All of them are nice and polite. It’s like I am with my own family.” On his part, Gayoor has a request. He wants the administration to help Anirudh reach Nagpur.

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