Two Prime Ministers, two responses – By Telegraph Special Correspondent

…If terrorism bound Christchurch and Pulwama together in senseless bloodshed, the golden-hour responses from the top in India and New Zealand charted dramatically different courses. Within the first few hours of the shootings, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed her nation twice and then fielded questions at a media conference.

Ardern, at 38 one of the youngest heads of government in the world, emphatically declared that the victims, many of whom may be migrants or refugees, “are us” and the shooter “is not”. The overriding theme of the Prime Minister’s statements was that her country represents “diversity, compassion and refuge”.

In contrast, circumstances surrounding the immediate aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack are shrouded in controversy. Allegations, vigorously denied by the government, that the Indian Prime Minister was shooting for a film at the Jim Corbett Park gained traction because Narendra Modi reserved his most vocal comments for the campaign trail. Barring a tweet, Modi neither addressed the nation nor the media.…