Trump and Modi are leading the world’s two largest democracies down dangerous paths – By Ameya Pawar, Harish Patel and Pushkar Sharma

In recent years, the rise of Hindu extremism in India has grated on our communities. This divide was on display during President Donald Trump’s recent visit to India to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.…

While Trump and Modi visited Delhi, violent Hindu extremists attacked Muslim-majority neighborhoods as the police stood by, resulting in the largest clashes Delhi has seen in decades.… At any other time, a meeting of the chief executives of the two largest democracies would inspire the world. Instead, the world was reminded of a growing human epidemic of xenophobia, racism and nationalism.

Trump’s constant attacks endanger every immigrant in the United States. The connection between his rhetoric and violence against our ports by the nonpartisan organization South Asian Americans Leading Together. After Trump’s 2016 election, SAALT documented a 45% increase of incidents of hate, violence, and xenophobic political rhetoric aimed at Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Middle Eastern and Arab American communities.…


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