Truck Driver Ferrying Bovines Attacked by Cow Vigilantes in Presence of Police in Telangana Village

A mob thrashed a Muslim truck driver ferrying bovine animals at a cow ranch in a village in Adilabad district of Telangana in South India in the presence of the police on Tuesday night, local media reports said.

A video clip available on YouTube shows the driver recalling the attack. “They beat me a lot. They were 10-12 people,” says the victim driver who has been identified as Ahmad, a resident of Jainoor. “I can identify them. They beat me in the presence of the police.”

According to reports, one person named Aryan informed the police that a truck going from Jainoor town to the Armoor area was carrying bovines. The police swung into action and seized the truck.… Mohammad Farooq Ahmad, a local Muslim politician, said that he spoke with the DSP of the area and asked the police to take swift action against the mob who attacked the driver. He said that the attackers are affiliated with right-wing groups like the BJP and the RSS.

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