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These Muslims Survived Mob Attacks by Indian Nationalists. Then Coronavirus Hit. – By Fahad Shah

A few days before his daughter’s first birthday, Mohammad Nazir Ansari bought new clothes, gifts, and food for the occasion. But before the March 1 party he had planned, Nazir’s one-room home, with all his carefully-selected supplies, was burned to the ground by a Hindu nationalist mob.

Nazir and his family had fled the right-wing, roving mobs in the densely populated residential neighborhood of Shiv Vihar hours before the attack happened.… The attacks, followed by riots in both communities, ultimately killed 53 people and injured more than 350. “They turned my home into ashes,” Nazir told VICE News in late March, sitting on a cot in a tent more than two weeks after arriving at the Eidgah relief camp in Mustafabad. “Where will I live now?”…

“I have no money,” Nazir said. “And everything is shut now, so I’m unable to work. A few friends lent me some money and others help by giving rations sometimes. When I was working, I used to give my parents 5,000 rupees ($65) monthly as support – but now they have to feed my family.” “I feel this lockdown will continue and I won’t be able to work for some time,” Nazir said.


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