These Hindu, Muslim families swapped kidneys, saved lives, broke stereotypes

Breaking religious barriers, a Hindu man donated his kidney to a Kashmiri Muslim, whose wife later donated her kidney to the Hindu donor’s wife. Abdul Aziz Nazar, a carpenter by profession and aged 53, hails from Kareri village of Baramulla district.

Belonging to a poor family, Abdul had lost both the kidneys due to urolithiasis (kidney stones) and was searching for a donor. Nazar had registered his name on an app that matched donors and receivers. Similarly, Sujit Kumar Singh, 46, from Bihar was also searching for a kidney for his wife Manjula, 42, who was a patient of glomerulonephritis (a kidney disease) and had both her kidneys affected.…

All the four surgeries were conducted on December 3, 2018. Abdul Aziz Nazar said it was not religion but the life which matters. “I feel very happy that the kidney belongs to a Hindu,” he said.… Both Sujit Kumar Singh and his wife Manjula Kumari are also happy after surgery. “We were not getting the right kidney. I had never thought that a Muslim woman’s organ will save my wife’s life,” Singh said.