The World Is Watching, India – By Chandan Reddy

As India entered its 74th year of Independence,… the mood was, if not entirely grim, unusually somber. Across the world, there were resolute expressions of solidarity at the rising intolerance and authoritarianism of the Indian state against constitutional and human rights defenders at home.

From New York to San Francisco, from Boston to Seattle, major American cities witnessed a diverse series of actions expressing anger and concern at the burgeoning roster of India’s state repression, and focusing attention on the growing plight of those being arrested under false charges and draconian laws. Voices that were raised across the world, from UK to South Africa, Malaysia and Australia.

In Seattle, at 3 pm on the eve of August 15, a bunch of us – Indians, South Asians, and activists for global justice – gathered outside the office of Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, and handed her a petition, which asked for the reinstatement of the earlier ban on the entry of Prime Minister Narendra Modi into the country.

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