The Persistent Erasure of Religious Minorities in India – By Veena Roy

India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is dangerous, another example of how global Islamophobia has become. As a Dalit Christian, I understand how religious minorities in India are othered and face systematic discrimination. So I stood with many other South Asians across the world protesting the Indian government’s hateful and exclusionary policies.

…The CAA and its blatant exclusion of Muslims is proof that, as long as the world continues to tell the story of one “Indian culture,” all other identities and histories will continue to be systematically profiled and erased.

…The so-called inclusion of Christians in the CAA is nothing more than a thinly veiled bribe that assumes that Dalit Christians will be quick to forget a long history of violence; violence against Muslims, Christians, and Dalits that has been deployed in concert to further the project of Hindu majoritarianism. We cannot and will not.


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