The Bruised Idea of India May Not Survive Another Modi Regime – By Anayat Ul Lah Mugloo and Manzoor Ahmad Padder

… India is witnessing a war of difference – where words, principles and norms of a particular political belief, rather than weapons, are deployed to decide right and wrong. ‘Ghar wapsi’, spreading rumours of ‘love jihad’ and mob lynchings are being used to legitimise the political ideology of a particular party.

Attempts are being made to forcefully insert this ideology into the legal framework at every possible opportunity. Luckily, fierce opposition to these narrow beliefs at multiple levels is preventing their institutionalisation at the constitutional level.…

If communal forces are not halted, India – regarded as the ‘largest democracy’ in the world – will fall prey to what Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction”, which roughly entails the dismantling of age-old traditions by new ideologies – except that there would be nothing creative in the destruction of the inclusive idea of India.