Telangana doctor drives 60 kms through forest, ensures save delivery of tribal woman

After day-long labor at his Public Health Center (PHC) in Gangaram, Dr. Mukram was getting ready to leave for home.… That’s when Asha worker, Padmaa, called from Polaram village, which is almost 20 km from the PHC. A young mother had gone into labor and her amniotic fluid was broken.

The sole 108 ambulance had just left to attend another patient in a nearby PHC. Dr. Mukram had no time to waste. Along with two Asha workers, he drove to the village through dense forest in his car for almost 30 minutes and brought the woman to the PHC.

However, the ordeal of the night was not over for the doctor and his staff as yet. The baby girl was not responding. The amniotic fluid had entered her stomach and she had turned blue. The doctors further sucked out secretions from the baby’s lungs and waited for a positive sign. A few minutes later, the baby cried and turned pink.

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