Teenager Dies in Kashmir Amid Protests After Autonomy Was Revoked

A 16-year-old Kashmiri boy has died after security officers hit him in the face with buckshot, several witnesses said — the first officially confirmed death linked to protests since the Indian government revoked Kashmir’s autonomy a month ago.

The teenager, Asrar Ahmed Khan, had just finished playing cricket in a narrow, brick-walled lane on the evening of Aug. 6 when security forces opened fire on a crowd, several neighbors said. Asrar was knocked to the ground and rushed to the hospital, where he remained in critical condition until his death on Tuesday.…

Kashmir has been simmering with fury since Aug. 5…. In the hours before the announcement, security forces cut off internet, mobile phone and landline service in the region. They then rounded up more than 2,000 Kashmiri intellectuals, including teachers, students, rights activists and political and business leaders. Most, if not all, have been detained without being formally charged.…



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