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Tales of harmony: Neighbours of different faiths stand together to ensure peace

From Mustafabad, an area distraught with violence, comes a tale of harmony and brotherhood. When parts of northeast Delhi were burning, neighbours for 40 years Kalyan Singh and Maulana Haji Din Mohommad were protecting each other.

In Mustafabad’s Babu Nagar, where 13 out of 60 households belong to Hindus, it was the Muslims who decided to protect not just the residents but also the surrounding temples. Speaking with India Today TV, Maulana Haji Din Mohommad said, “As soon as we heard about the riots we formed various teams comprising young boys and gave them the task of protecting the temples.”

Sushma Sharma, a resident of Babu Nagar told India Today TV that her family hasn’t visited the temple yet but she knows it is safe because her Muslim brothers and uncles were protecting it. Commenting on the current situation she said, “We have been staying here for 40 years. We have stood by each other in sicknesses and health we won’t let one incident change things between us.”…


Delhi violence: Mandir-Masjid Marg stays true to name, keeps the peace alive (Feb 29, 2020, Indian Express)

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