Sadhvi Pragya is not innocent, reveals former IGP in his book

Former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police, S. M. Mushrif has shown in his just published book, Brahmanists Bombed, Muslims Hanged with irrefutable proofs that bomb blasts since 2002 were the handiwork of saffron terrorists but colluding agencies picked up Muslims, fabricated cases against them and threw them into jails.

Mushrif has shown in his just published book that RSS, Abhinav Bharat, Bajrang Dal and Jai Vande Matram etc. executed umpteen terror attacks but government agencies like Intelligence Bureau, NIA and ATS, with the help of people in government and saffron sympathisers in the media, erased proofs and implicated innocent Muslims in these cases. Media propaganda and prosecution at times succeeded in hoodwinking judges also. With his path-breaking books like Who Killed Karkare? and 26/11: Why Judiciary Also Failed, Mushrif has exposed the terror fiction in this country. Governments and agencies have preferred to remain silent about these books.

Mushrif has demanded in this new book that a high judicial committee should be set up to independently probe all terror cases in the country. He believes that an independent probe will show that saffron terrorists exploded bombs but their friends in the media and agencies propagated that these are Muslim reactions to the Babri demolition and Gujarat 2002 riots. Mushrif holds Intelligence Bureau, known for its traditional anti-Muslim stance, as the main culprit in this issue.…