Priest arrested for his attempt to sexually assault American woman

In the temple town of Lord Shiva, Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, a priest identified as Manikandan on August 23 allegedly attempted to sexually assault an American woman, who had come to the town for a spiritual tour. He was beaten by the woman and handed over by local residents to the police.…

According to media reports, a 32-year-old woman named Asiali from the United States of America had  rented an apartment in Arunachaleshwarar Nagar, Thiruvannamalai for the past 8 months. Similarly, Manikandan, 34, of Thirumalaipatti village in Namakkal district Tamil Nadu was one of the preachers in Girvalapathai (spiritual path). As he wanders around the gorge, he peeped at Asiali living in an apartment in Arunachaleshwarar Nagar.

Manikandan had been monitoring Asiali for the last 1 month. It is in this context that Manikandan, who came to know that Asiali was alone this morning, went home and tried to commit sexual assault. The priest was severely beaten in a defensive attempt by Asiali at the time and severely injured. Manikandan was given a ‘big blow’ and handed over to the Thiruvannamalai Rural Police Station.

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