PM needs to reassure Muslims that bile spewed against them does not reflect what he feels – By Tavleen Singh 

There are people on Narendra Modi’s team who are doing their best to prove Imran Khan right when he says that India is being led by a ‘Hindu fascist’ who hates Muslims. These people make it clear every time they speak or tweet or participate in a TV debate that they despise Muslims as ‘heirs’ of Jinnah and despise Islam for being an ‘intolerant’ religion.

And, because they are in the BJP or proud supporters of Modi, they confirm the charges being made from the Islamic Republic next door that India is no longer a country in which Muslims have the same rights as Hindus.

Since the abrogation of Article 370, Imran Khan has hardly made a speech in which he has not charged Modi with ‘hating’ Muslims. He has said more than once that Kashmir’s special status was removed only because its population is mostly Muslim. In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, he made the ‘fascist’ India charge and repeated it in every interview he gave (and he gave many) to international TV channels and newspapers.…