Persecution against Christian schools in India continues

Christian schools continue to be attacked in India, targets of intimidation and violence by Hindu radicals. The latest incidents occurred in Maharashtra where teachers were accused of “forced conversions” and in Manipur where a school was the victim of an arson attack for suspending some unruly students. Both cases highlight a climate of persecution that has come to hang over Christian educational facilities.

Fr Felix Anthony, spokesman for the Catholic Church in northeastern India, told AsiaNews that someone set fire last night to the St Joseph Higher Secondary School in Sugnu, Chandel district. The school is the second oldest Catholic educational facility in the State of Manipur. Built 55 years ago for the poor tribal population, especially Kuki and Anāl, it currently has 1,400 students. All the school records and documents were lost in the fire.

The attack was sparked by a disciplinary measure taken against six students on 19 April. The latter had posted a video on social media in which they are seen insulting a teacher and the school during class hours. When school administrators saw the video, they suspended the students for a month.…