Non-Approved Private Company’s Engineers Handled EVMs In Elections

The Quint had earlier debunked the Election Commission of India’s (EC) claim that no private company was engaged to provide engineers in handling Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and VVPAT – an RTI reply by Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), a manufacturer of EVMs, revealed that a Mumbai-based private company M/s T&M Services Consulting Private Limited supplied consulting engineers who were handling EVMs during the elections. Further investigation about the private company and ECIL has revealed that M/s T&M Services Consulting Private Limited is not an approved vendor with ECIL.

The ECIL has uploaded on its website a list of approved corporate vendors empanelled with them since 2015. The list has five manpower suppliers, which does not include M/s T&M Services Consulting Private Limited. Why did the ECIL engage consulting engineers of a private company, which is not empanelled with them, for such a sensitive work, i.e., handling EVMs and VVPATs during the elections?

Secondly, the ECIL in its RTI reply has said that “M/s T&M Services Consulting Private Limited is the only manpower supplier” but ECIL’s website reveals that it does have other private manpower suppliers – so why is the ECIL being misleading?…


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