Muslims in India continue to suffer at the hands of Hindu nationalism

More than 200 Muslim houses on March 10 were burnt to the ground in the Meerut district of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. On 6th March, the local authorities carried out an alleged encroachment drive in the Bhusa Mandi slum of Meerut, which is densely populated with impoverished Muslims.

The residents of Bhusa Mandi claim that the police officials of the Uttar Pradesh state attacked both men and women and even fired and assaulted the residents after burning down their houses.

Shaikh Zakeer Hussain from The Cognate reports that this frightful incident took place after officials from the Meerut Cantonment board arrived at the Bhusa Mandi slum with police officials, to force the residents to vacate their houses over claims of illegal encroachment of the land.…