Muslim Passenger Asks Air Hostess For Water For Iftar, She Comes Back With A Tray Full Of Food

Respect of one another irrespective of cultural and religious differences is what defines our country and this incident will reinstate your faith in it. A Muslim flier named Rifat Jawaid shared an incident while flying with Air India. He was observing the month of Ramadan and wanted some water for his Iftar meal.

In the flight bound to Delhi from Gorakhpur, Jawaid decided to approach the air hostess despite the seat-belt sign being on. He asked for a bottle of water and got one. When he asked for another, the air hostess asked him to go back to his seat. To his surprise, she returned with a meal of two sandwiches and said, “please don’t hesitate to ask for more.”

Rifat added, ‘Of course I didn’t need more. They were more than adequate for me. What was the most satisfying was Manjula’s heartwarming gesture. This is my India!’…