Muslim neighbours arrange last rites of Hindu woman in Ahmedabad

In a heart-warming instance of humanity trumping pandemic apprehensions, Muslim neighbours ensured final rites of a Hindu woman who died in the city. Mandakini Tripathi, 75, who stayed all alone at Usha Kiran building in Khanpur, accidentally fell in her house on Thursday and died within hours. 

Her neighbours got in touch with her nephew in the United States, who said that two of her distant relatives stayed in the city. They then got in touch with the relatives, and together, helped complete the final rites of the woman, setting an example of inter-community goodwill and bonhomie.…

Among those who helped in arranging Mandakini’s final rites were Sahal Qureshi, Arif Shaikh, Samir Jariwala and others. Rajnikant Trivedi, 64, a distant relative of Mandakini, said that her husband had died several years ago. He acknowledged the love and respect from the neigbours and said, “Humanity is much greater than one’s religion.,” said Trivedi

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