Modi’s act of tyranny in Kashmir will soon be the blueprint for all of India – By Kavita Krishnan

…The BJP and RSS have long propagated that Article 370 gave Kashmir a pampered “special status” that was the source of disaffection among its people. The fact is that under India’s constitution which is committed to federalism, many other states have laws giving them “special status”. In the case of J&K, Article 370 had been, in the words of constitutional scholar AG Noorani, “reduced to a husk through political fraud and constitutional abuse”.…

For the people of Kashmir, the decades since 1953 have been a long saga of successive betrayals, accompanied by the most horrific abuse of human rights. The fig leaf of democracy, “autonomy” and “special status” which India had held up as its alibi for Kashmir in every international forum, has been arrogantly ripped away. All that remains is naked, open subjugation of their will.

Those celebrating this move as a “victory” over the disobedient and disaffected Kashmiris should pause to think. This move is the first step in the direction of junking India’s secular, democratic, federal constitution, and turning the country into a Hindu nation, which will model its treatment of minorities on Israel. The totalitarianism now on open display in Kashmir will soon be felt in all of India.


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