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Lucknow university graduate sanitises temples and lanes in the city

It is not every day that you see a burqa-clad woman in a temple. It was indeed a rare sight for people residing near Sitaram temple in Faizullahganj area. Wide-eyed they watched Uzma Sayed Parveen, a social worker, sanitising the temple.

Parveen… has launched her own sanitising drive in Old Lucknow, covering the localities where the sanitising staff rarely reach. Praveen began sanitising in the last week of April after she realised that the fight against Covid-19 needs to the fought collectively.… Since it is said charity begins at home, I first started from my own lane in the Saadatganj area.

In the almost 15-day-long sanitizing exercise which she carried out fasting, she covered almost 20 lanes and used up around 60 litres of disinfectant.… When asked about the funds, she said, “Allah bahot bada hai (Allah is great). I have spent around Rs 95,000 from my savings. After doing it, I realise that there could be no better way of utilising my savings”.

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