Journalism in India Has Placed Itself On Deputation to the Government – By Anand K. Sahay

By and large, journalism in India has been a mirror image of its rickety – and tawdry – democracy in the Modi years, and has probably hit its lowest point after the commencement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second term in office in May, 2019, with a bigger mandate than previously.

With notable exceptions, in nearly every choice the media made when the State confronted its own citizens, it has been on the side of the State, which is regarded widely in India as the principal perpetrator of many forms of injustice.

Journalism in India in this period is not likely to be judged kindly, for it has discarded pretences to objectivity and fair play in its chronicler role, and has appeared to regard its object as being on deputation to the government.–has-placed-itself-on-deputation-to-the-government

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