Is Modi Really the Divider In Chief of India? – By Ram Puniyani

Time is one of the most influential global newsmagazines. It recently came out with an issue with Modi on the cover (20 May, 2019), with the title ‘India’s Divider in Chief’ raising the question ‘Can the world’s largest democracy survive another five years of Modi?’ Time had carried a major article at the start of the Modi era, placing him as Modi the Reformer and arguing that he was the best hope for economic reforms in India.

The article in the middle of the heated campaign for the Lok Sabha elections punched political buttons across.… What Taseer has written is well known. He writes of lynchings in the name of the cow, the beating of Muslims, the targeting of Dalits…marginalising Muslims on the one hand and subduing Dalits on the other.

The last five years have seen two major challenges to democracy. Complete and total centralisation of power of the government in PM Modi’s hands.… As such the ‘divider in chief’ title sits well on the persona and ideology of Narendra Modi.…