India Republic Day celebrations hosted by IAMC across US

IAMC Washington, D.C. chapter celebrates Republic DayMs. Seema Salim, the National Vice President of IAMC expressed pride over the ideals espoused by the Indian constitution as well as concern over the prevailing socio-political environment in India. She called for an awakening of the silent majority against the increasing divisiveness, violence and hate unleashed upon the religious minorities in India. “The Republic Day celebrations remind us yet again, that the foundations of the Indian Republic are based on the ideals of justice, pluralism and democracy,” said Ms. Salim. “Unfortunately, the Indian Constitution remains under threat, by the onslaught of a relentlessly divisive and hateful agenda, espoused by narrow sectarian interests. Certainly, we can’t achieve a real democracy when the nation is in the grips of a sectarian divide, with citizens pitted against each other on the basis of caste and religion,” Ms. Salim further added.IAMC has consistently marked Annual Republic Day celebrations in different cities across the US for over 11 years. This year’s festivities include speeches celebrating the Constitution, a fancy-dress competition, Impromptu speaking, Drawing competition and events highlighting India’s diversity.Indian American Muslim Council is the largest advocacy organization of Indian Muslims in the United States with chapters across the nation.

Indian Americans mark Republic Day with pledge to safeguard India’s Constitution   The Indian American Muslim Council , an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding India’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, organizes celebrations across multiple cities in the United States to commemorate the anniversary of India’s Republic Day. The Republic Day marks the day when India’s Constitution came into effect, ushering in the birth of a modern, secular and democratic Republic.

“The guarantees of Justice, Liberty and Equality for all citizens, enshrined in the preamble to the Constitution collectively represent one of the greatest accomplishments in the cause of pluralism. A remarkable document that should be cherished and celebrated and that represents the highest aspirations of the world’s largest democracy,” said Mr. Ahsan Khan, National President of IAMC. “These guarantees are also a reminder of the ideals we need to live up to and the promises we still need to keep,” added Mr. Khan.

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