India Has Worst Economy In 42 Years. Is Prime Minister Modi Watching? – By William Pesek

The only real debate about India’s economy is exactly when things were as bad as they are in 2020. From some vantage points, the 5% inflation-adjusted growth expected for the fiscal year ending in March is the lowest since 2013. In nominal terms, though, the 7.5% rate being projected would be the worst since 1978. Now for the really bad news: even these figures could be overly optimistic given the headwinds bearing down on the second-most-populous nation.

The data reflect the what of where India finds itself 67 months after Narendra Modi came to power pledging a sweeping turnaround. It’s high time for a frank discussion about why 2020 is turning into a shaky period for Asia’s No. 3 economy.…

Now the trade war is sending ever bigger headwinds India’s way. The fallout from U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs was limited enough to enable Modi to win a second five-year term in May, but the collateral damage is increasing.…


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