IMC-USA Welcomes Jagdish Tytler’s Resignation. Demands Justice for Victims of Anti-Sikh Pogroms of 1984

11 Aug 2005

Indian Muslim Council-USA ( an advocacy group dedicated to protecting and promoting pluralism welcomes the resignation of Jagdish Tytler from the Indian Cabinet.

Mr.Tytler was accused of being involved in the anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984 in which thousands of Sikhs were killed.

The recently released inquiry report by the Nanavati Commission has reported that Tytler probably had a role in organizing attacks on Sikhs. The attacks on Sikhs were carried out after the Sikh bodyguards of then Prime minister Indira Gandhi assassinated her in retaliation for her ordering a military attack on the Golden Temple, a holy site for the Sikh community.

Dr.Shaik Ubaid, president of IMC-USA welcoming the decision of Mr. Tytler’s resignation congratulated the human rights activists and organizations who have kept the issue of justice for the victims of the pogroms alive. He demanded that the Indian government bring to justice all the perpetrators in a speedy fashion.

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