IMC-USA expresses dismay over the public burning of wigs made of Hindu hair in New York City and Israel by Orthodox Jews.

May 16, 2004

New York, N.Y., Indian Muslim Council-USA, an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding the democratic and plural ethos of India and the united States, has expressed sadness at the public burning of wigs made of Hindu worshiper’s hair by Orthodox Jews. The New York Times, Newsday and Haaretz along with other media outlets have carried the news of Orthodox Jews burning these wigs in public bonfires

We are aware of the denunciation of polytheism in the Jewish holy books and respect the right of the Jewish people to have such a belief. But we believe that a public display of contempt for another religion is not conducive to inter-faith harmony.

Just last week, the Indian voters rejected the Hindu religious extremist parties in India who mix Hindu extremism with glorification of Hitler and Mussolini. This Hindu extremist ideology is called Hindutva and it has been spreading rapidly in the Hindu diaspora in the US. Open denigration of Hindu religion will help the Hindutva fascist movement to gain recruits here in the US.

We appeal to our Jewish brothers and sisters who share Islam’s monotheistic belief to show respect for those who practice polytheism


Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn Burn Banned Wigs
New York Times, May 17, 2004

Orthodox Jews burn wigs in Williamsburg
News Day, May 17, 2004

A hair-raising fear of idols
Ha’aretz (Israel), May 14, 2004

S.A. Bajabar
President, IMC-NYC chapter
(516) 567- 0783

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